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Claim your bunch of likes on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. at a bargain price. Choose from several packages which offer different liking speed and limits.
You can buy up to 100000 likes on Instagram, up to 3000 likes on VK, up to 300000 likes on Youtube, and so on.
Pick a suitable package and let us bring more followers to your profile. It's the fastest possible method to build your active audience. Order a particular number of followers and we will deliver them within a couple of days. Each social network has its own limits, so the max possible number may vary. However, you can buy Instagram followers at a price starting from $0.42 per 1000 people. Quite affordable, isn't it?
It happens all the time: followers like your posts on Facebook or VK but almost nobody reposts your content. It's quite frustrating because reposting is the powerful tool which can expand your outreach in a matter of minutes. Let's remedy the situation: get cheap reposts from real people at LikesLive. Your existing followers will notice no catch and will be happy to repost such credible content by themselves.
Views are the most important thing on Youtube: all rankings and recommendations you get there are mostly based on the number of views. Lack views on your videos? Buy them on our marketplace and enjoy the organic growth of your channel. Besides Youtube views, you can get Instagram, Telegram, and Facebook views.
The more comments your post receives, the more interesting it turns out to your new followers. It is the proven fact, so many business owners strives to increase the number of comments under their posts to give the appearance of engagement. Let's get down to business and raise more comments for your Instagram, Facebook, etc.
Some social media have visible lists of favorites. On Instagram they are private, but on Twitter, Youtube, and VK you can see which posts one saves. Of course, the user can make the list of saved posts private, but that is not always the case. The presence of your posts in such lists increases the probability that you will be eventually noticed by more people. Buy favorites in one click on our website.
Polls are a relatively new option which has been already recognized by a vast majority of social media users. Create polls and increase the number of participants by buying them at LikesLive. You can specify which poll option they should choose while participating — this might help you to promote the right product, service, or your brand at a whole.

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We always take social media limits into account, so you will never be banned on Instagram or elsewhere.
Even though we add bots, they look like real people. Your potential followers won't see the difference.
Our support team is always here to help you if something is not clear. Also, you can read the FAQ and highly likely get answers to your questions.
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We work at high pace and deliver ordered views, likes, and follows within a few days unless you want otherwise.
Purchase of Facebook likes and Youtube views is super-easy at LikesLive get them in a couple of clicks.
You don't need to specify your personal data only your nickname on Instagram or another platform. We don't gather any information about our customers.
What Will Happen with My Account After I Buy Real Instagram (Facebook, VK, etc) followers?
Even though you will not get more likes after buying Instagram followers, you will get more credibility. The visitors of your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube profile will be impressed by your number of followers: your account will automatically go up in their estimation. This is a psychological trigger — even when you're not big enough but seems to be, people will respect you anyway. The same applies to the social networks where likes and followers are significant indicators of your virtual power.
This way, you will experience an organic growth of your business on the chosen platform. Settle in and get ready to watch how the 3-figure number in your profile's header turns into the 4-, 5- or even 6-figure number!
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Have questions? Don't know how to buy Instagram followers and Facebook reposts? Faced a problem while ordering?
Then contact our support team and we will answer all your questions. But before you do this, we recommend you to visit our FAQ page and discover the answers to the most common questions we get from our customers.

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