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Awake Your Imagination Before You Buy Instagram Views: Top-Performed IGTV Channels For Your Inspiration

We are going on a tour of the most beautiful, intelligent and useful IGTV channels! A portion of visual inspiration before you buy Instagram views!

Do you have writer’s block? Do you feel necessary to write something in your personal or commercial profile, but there are no thoughts, and it seems that everything is already written and said? Catch a set of breakthrough ideas for an Instagram blog, which will rock your audience and help you with the content plan! 

What does IGTV mean?

On June 20, Instagram announced the launch of a new product - IGTV. This app is inside the main platform, which allows you to download and view full-screen vertical videos up to 60 minutes.

Mobile video is the content of the future. The video is capturing more and more solid positions on Instagram, which was created as a photo-sharing application. In the beginning, Stories existed, then Live Video appeared and, finally, the new long video format was performed.

The main feature of IGTV is that when you start the app, you rapidly switch on the video. Does that ring any bells? It really works like TV: turned it on and watch. You don’t need to search for anything. 

Why Instagram creates a platform for long-form video files?

The IG solution is logical: IG users can create videos with a max dimension of 60 minutes without going to other social platforms.

The new format will allow to increase engagement with bloggers and therefore increase advertising budgets.

With the development of a smartphone, watching long videos is becoming more comfortable, so their popularity is growing, as well as the growing popularity of video content in general.

The practice and success of YouTube make the IG team introduce interesting solutions.

How to watch IGTV episodes?

You can watch other people's videos merely on Instagram or IGTV application. All you need to do is to click on the TV icon and contemplate what is happening on the screen. 

Clips are automatically played one by one like in Stories. You can browse through uninteresting videos by flicking left or right. You can like, comment or share the publication with your friends in DM’s through the control buttons of each video. Buttons can be hidden: just tap the screen while watching.

How to set your IGTV channel up?

Installing and using IGTV is a breeze, and the app is accessible from phone and pc! Let's consider instruction to install your IGTV channel on both!

Install Instagram Television on a smartphone:

  1. Upload the IGTV application.

  1. Open the app to connect with your IG page.

  1. Hit on your image and select “Create Channel”.

  1. Track the monitor clues to end installing.

Install Instagram Television on your computer:

  1. After logging to IG, go to your acc.

  1. Find the TV icon and click on it.

  1. Read all recommendations and push "Upload". 

Now your gripping videos are ready to steal the world's mind and take your followers' breath! But that's not all. 

How to upload your video file to IGTV: staged instruction

You can't take video pictures in the IGTV application and are obliged to transmit footage to your smartphone, computer, or notebook it is valuable to create videos with relevant requests, so you don't spend moments, nerves, and energy!

I have prepared exhaustive information on video uploading to IGTV:

  1. Move the video file in the field with a big plus. Attention! Your video has to match a certain size and dimension requirements. 

  1. The major difference of IGTV video in respect of all other social networks is that the cover isn’t selected from the video, it needs to be uploaded in JPG format.

  1. After that, we fill in the description and the title, select where your video will appear and click on “Publish”.

Hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray! The video will appear in your IGTV section. 

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The source of your Inspiration: the most gripping IGTV Channels

As we have previously mentioned, IGTV service allowed to record vertical watch videos for 60 minutes. The service plans to create a “new generation television” and compete with YouTube. I want to talk about six genres that companies and video bloggers managed to test.


Tastemade UK prepared a series of clips "A Taste of … ". The bloggers Topless Baker and @frankiecooks explored London’s best breakfast spots. And told their followers whether to eat breakfasts. Spoiler: it is worths it.

Beauty blogs

It is a very popular IGTV format. Celebrities, artists, and designers share with the audience closely-guarded beauty secrets or backstage scenes. Look at how @IrinaShayk gets ready for her first-ever @harperbezaarus cover shoot and tells followers about the eyebrow plucking thing.

Public awareness-raising 

The Vogue IGTV channel was dedicated to mental health awareness for May. To shine a light on the inspiring people who use Instagram to speak out about their mental health journeys, @Vogue launched IGTV with makeup artist and illustrator @athenapaignton. She had curated a mental health shoot to raise people’s awareness. 


Businesswoman and entrepreneur @oliviapalermo posted a two-minute video clip from the Milan & Paris Fashion Week 2019. The report collected the most key trends that the influencer saw on the Milan and Paris runways.

Fantastic cooking competition

The American blogger and viner @lelepons recorded a cooking project “What’s cooking with  Lele Pons” with great success. Each video she accompanies with brief sketches, giving viewers a look at the cooking process in a humorous way. 

Conversations in front of the camera

 It's open-and-shut: you sit down and talk to the camera. 

An example is an actor @markwahlberg, who created the IGTV section with workout FAQ. “What are the wristbands you wear?” “Why are you always wearing AirPods?” “If you go to sleep at 7 pm, when do you spend time with your wife and four kids?” The actor shares their thoughts with fans.

Space messages

Near forty-five million individuals follow @NASA on Instagram to watch overwhelming images and videos of the space. On the IGTV channel, the independent agency downloads a ton of useful, eye-catching, and informative content. 

We hope this article inspired you, and you struck a couple of ideas for future posts in your planner. Good luck with blogging and don't forget to enjoy it!

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