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Boost Your Glory Using IGTV, Buy Instagram Views!

IGTV is an app created to view vertical video up to one-hour in length. Now it’s one of the main sources for promotion. Buy Instagram Views to boost your account!

What’s IGTV?

The main IGTV feature is a convenient content watching in the position in which we usually use the phone because all IG videos are published in a vertical orientation. Moreover, videos are no longer limited to one minute but can last up to one hour.

IGTV got this name not by chance and it really works on the TV principle. Once you enter the application, the video starts playing. The developers say that you don’t need to look for anything. The video show is based on personal recommendation. If this is not enough, you can watch the popular section, observe the videos of your Followings, or go to the “Continue Watching” section to watch videos that have been paused.

In this case, it’s not necessary to go to a stand-alone IGTV app, all the videos can be viewed through IG. A special button with an IGTV icon appeared on top of the Stories' section. All videos you have seen can be shared with friends via Direct Messages.

On IGTV, the creators are called channels. All action in IGTV is synchronized with Instagram.

Each video has statistics: count of likes, replies, and views. It’s likely that the statistics section will be expanded.

The principle of IGTV is based on the recommended content. If people like your video, you can immediately get a lot of views and new supporters.

IGTV analytics 

IGTV videos have some statistics that help you to create more viral videos and keep your fans in front of the screen for as long as possible.

Each video has the following statistics:

  • audience engagement: views, likes, and replies. Likes and replies are also visible on the video, but only you can see the number of views.

  • audience retention rate: the percentage of followers who have seen your video, as well as the audience drop-off graph for the video duration, that is, at what segment of the video you start to lose the viewers.

What brands, media, and bloggers are shooting for IGTV?

Strange pieces of content get on IGTV Popular section. For example, one of the first successful cases is the Netflix video, in which the American actor Cole Sprouse is eating a burger for an hour. The video gained about 1 million views. At the same time, there are interesting and understandable cases that can be adapted for yourself. Look at what the media, bloggers, and companies are shooting for IGTV.

Mass media

Perhaps, for mass media, it was easier to adopt the new format. The Economist publishes short films on important issues like the video about ecological tourism. BBC News publishes news and human stories on IGTV.


Bloggers talk about their business experience, share interesting life stories.


The BBDO New York agency in a collaboration with the dancer Les Twins shot a clip “taken dictation by fans”. But first of all, they asked users where to make a clip, what music to choose, how the artist should move. The finished video was published in IGTV.

If you are going to create IGTV, here is a short guide:

  • think over the scenario taking into account that there will be a vertical shooting;

  • make something eye-catching;

  • focus on usefulness and entertainment;

  • people are interested in the backstage. The profile polished till glitters is so boring (therefore, IG Stories and IGTV have appeared);

  • select the video editing application on the phone.

How to use IGTV for business promotion?

The video can be successfully applied to the content plan for rocking your IG. Here are some ideas about how you can possibly do it! 


Post feedback from satisfied customers to maintain brand credibility. Many buyers are not against recording a small video message and telling them how they like the product or service.

Response to questions

Collect the most exciting topics, and just give them honest answers in the video.


Interesting mini-shows are a way to attract new fans and awaken old ones’ fresh interest.


Make a short video instruction for users. The various ways of applying your product or service can attract additional sales.

Old videos

Have you recorded old, but cool videos at the beginning of the brand’s promotion? It is the time to re-energize them using IGTV.

BTS videos

Show people the inside of your company. How do your employees work in the office? How do you make cakes for sale? This will help raise the trust degree and become closer to customers.