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Buying Instant Likes On Instagram: Is It Safe?

If you want to know how to do it in a safe way and avoid an Instagram ban or account removal, read the article! Plus I will tell you how to make money from Instagram likes!

Buying likes on Instagram is a routine practice. We all like love and attention. Bloggers starve for popularity, business accounts want their Instagram accounts to make a good impression on the visitors. Instagram likes and followers are the metrics, that people still care about. But sometimes it’s really hard to get real likes in the amount you need. But nothing is impossible, and there exists a possibility to buy likes and followers for every Instagram account. Do you want to know how to do it safely? Go on reading!

Why people buy likes for Instagram?

A life-saver for newly created accounts

Let’s imagine the situation: you’ve created a new account and you want to promote it really fast. Instagram has limitations in promotion for the fresh accounts that have less than 600 followers. How to avoid the limitation? Buy these 600 followers for $5,94 and solve the problem of slow promotions forever. 600 followers are added within 1 day if we are talking about standard speed.

Or another situation: you have a new account and you want to have hundreds of likes to create the mass effect and gain the trust of Instagram users. Buy 1500 likes for $1,5 for every publication and have an eye-filling Instagram account.

And another case: a company creates its own Instagram account. Everything is done right: a unique gallery and interesting content, but the flow of followers is really slow. People come to your account and leave because they consider your Instagram page unpopular and uninteresting. The great way out of a situation is to buy likes and followers at the beginning of any Instagram account promotion. Make people believe, that your account is popular and the mass effect will run its course.

Fast performance of instant likes

Sometimes people just need to get instant likes for their posts. It can be bloggers, who provide statistics to the advertisers. Or maybe it can be business accounts who want to impress the followers and accidental Instagram visitors. For people, who treat Instagram like a professional tool for sales or creating a company image, fast performance and cheap likes is a great low-cost solution. Please note that a reliable marketplace performs all promotions in accordance with all Instagram restrictions and limitations. So the account will never be banned or removed by Instagram.

Organic traffic

Everybody is familiar with the Instagram algorithm, that chooses and shows only interesting content for its users. How to take advantage of it? How to catch most of the attention of users?

Instagram counts the number of interactions in the first hours after the publication and spreads or limits the outreach of every publication. The rates that are counted by Instagram are likes and comments. LikesLive has a great function: you can buy Instagram likes and comments for your pre-planned publications. What you will get? The number of interactions will constantly grow and heighten the engagement rate. That consequently will make the publication more visible and popular among Instagram users. Plan your actions and get ready for the flows of organic traffic. It’s really easy if you have a strong content plan and a solid tool for scheduled posting.

Present for instaholics

Everybody adores likes. Otherwise, why do you need an Instagram account, right? Do you like making presents and gladdening your loved ones?  Take a simple way to put a smile on the face of every girl! Imagine, you’ve bought flowers for your girlfriend, she posted a photo and it got 15 000 likes? A pleasant present for $15, right?

You can buy likes for any Instagram publication. You don’t need to fill in any forms with passwords or emails. It’s simple, safe and uncommon present.  

Do you want to try it right now? Proceed to a New Order and make somebody very happy!

How to buy likes on Instagram safely?

LikesLive is a reliable service, that strictly follows all Instagram limits.

The speed of promotion is adjusted with all restrictions in order to avoid any problems with your Instagram account like a ban or a removal. The limits are encoded, so there is no chance of harm to your account. So buying likes for Instagram will never make your account banned or deleted.

How to buy likes on LikesLive?

1. Sign up/Log in to the service at LikesLive.com;

2. At the top of the page find the New order section;

3. Choose the type of audience. You can choose who will perform the actions: real people or bots. Please note, that you can’t buy real people actions for all SNS;

4. Choose the social network you want;

5. Choose the service you want;

6. Don’t be afraid of the great choice. Click to the Details and read attentively the advantages of the chosen option and the requirements for the best performance;

7. When you choose the type of service, paste the link to the publication;

8. Proceed to the payment by clicking the button Buy now;

9. The order is placed in the cart. Please, Proceed to checkout;

10. Congrats! Now you are the proud owner of Instagram likes!

How to make money on LikesLive?

Picture this, you are the owner of a service, that promotes Instagram accounts. You can buy likes and resell them to your customers! How to become a reseller on LikesLive?

Make a 500$ one-time payment and you get a Reseller status. Resellers have their special prices for all LikesLive positions. Click here to see special prices for Resellers!

Let’s assume that you will resell 100 000 likes for your client. The average price for any client or 100 000 likes is $660. A reseller may buy 100 000 Instagram likes for $264. The net income for 100 000 likes equals to $364!

If you have read attentively the rules of reseller’s program, you may understand, that you can buy 200 000 likes for $500, sell them to your clients and safe or earn $700!

Pay $500 once and earn $700 immediately!

Want to know more?

Write to us at support@likeslive.com and make money right now!