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Catch A Break From Buying Likes: Top 10 Instagram Accounts 2019

I know you buy likes on Instagram and are eager to become a top acc. But take a break, inspire yourself, and check out at the most followed and liked Instagram accs.

Instagram Popularity. Is it really easy to get?

I believe, that every hardworking and intelligent person can use social media as a really strong tool. The essence of fierce message fills any top IG page whether it’s a healthy way of life, the beauty of the body, the purity of one’s intent, the aesthetic vision and a host of other things. The message light the minds of people and the Instagram acc becomes virally successful. So how can you become extremely famous? Bring it on to your acc and use Instagram automation tools to viral your acc!

Why do you need to buy likes?

Every new acc needs to buy likes at the beginning of any promotion. Every social media expert knows, that random Instagram visitors make a quick evaluation of the acc by looking at the number of likes and current followers. The decision about whether to follow or not is made in the first 10 seconds. No one will get your energy or message in this interval of time. Everybody will evaluate your acc only by the number of present followers and likes.

Important: Buy likes and followers gradually and use slow filters. Imitate the organic flow of traffic, so future advertisers couldn’t blame you for cheating with likes, fans, and followers.

Why it is so important? Don’t spoil your acc at the beginning of your Instagram career! Sure, one day you will try to earn some money with your popularity. It will be frustrating to decline the offers because you’ve careless bought your followers. Be smart and buy followers often and gradually.

Finally, let’s go down to the top 10 Instagram accounts for your inspiration!


287 000 000+

No wonder, right? Instagram is an SNS, that unites all people, who adore sharing their lives through pictures. Live is full of precious moments, and sometimes you just want to save even a little moment of your happiness, put it forever in your personal gallery and go back to it in the saddest days or cold winter evenings.

Right now IG is also a strong marketplace. Brands sell their goods, people advertise for money. The platform forms a diverse community of influencers far beyond Instagram itself. Instagram stars start their clothing or makeup lines, TV-shows and flourish their careers.

Cristiano Ronaldo

158 000 000+

Cristiano Ronaldo is a footballer player. He is a legend, that everyone admires. A gorgeous man takes the defending line and is a master of improvisation. He has a great sense of pass, perfect dribbling and a constant aim to goal-area. But let’s go back to Instagram. A Juventus star has the greatest Insta fanbase in the world. Millions of people admire the talent of Cristiano and follow him blindly on Instagram.

Ariana Grande

148 000 000+

Ariana Grande is a musician and actress. Cute girl charms all Instagram users with her elegant and sexy posing in front of the camera. An incredible singer and a high-class performer - it’s all about Ari. Successful collaborations with artists bring new waves of followers and likes.

She’s a complete and dead-end workaholic. Her constant music releases hit all charts. True music legend tells, that she works every minute of her wakeful state. And the results are impressive, right?

Selena Gomez

147 000 000+

Selena Gomez is a musician and actress too. Gorgeous brunette lights up her IG with hot pictures of tour or model life and short videos of her making new music. She rules the world and combines tempting beauty with fundraising and philanthropic actions on her account. Selena Gomez is a well-earned role model of the young generation. What are you waiting for? Check the account and follow this amazing girl!