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Everything You Need To Know About The Hottest Instagram Models In 2019!

Get to know who are the hottest Instagram models right now and find out what it takes to become one!

Instagram models, huh? You can laugh at it, deny it, but one thing is certain - we are living in the age of self-made celebrities. While top musicians get their recognition on YouTube, bloggers on Medium, beautiful and attractive women don’t know any better platform than Instagram to make a career out of their bodies, faces, and style. 

We know it’s tempting to scroll down to finally see the photos, but slow down for a second. It is crucial to get a grip on how those models were able to receive such exposure. The term “Instagram model” speaks for itself. Their modeling career became reality, because of a one photo-sharing social platform. What is truly fascinating is that a lot of those women are able to progress from Instagram-famous only to the real fashion models with contracts and photos in world-famous magazines, TV ads and so on. 

So what it takes to become one of the top Instagram models?

Consistency and professionalism is the answer. It doesn’t happen in a day, a month and most of the time not even in a year. Study accounts of the Instagram models below to figure out what made them who they are today.

Anna Nystrom

Anna belongs to the group of sexiest Swedish models, who feels as confident in the elegant dresses on the beach as in sports pants with a barbell above her head. She currently sits at 7.9 million followers on her page and this number will probably be irrelevant when you finish to reading this article. 

Valeria Orsini

Valeria Orsini is a hell of a mix on many layers. She is an Italian-Colombian-Puerto-Rican model who hosts a podcast, gives fitness consultations and social media marketing advice via seminars and interviews. It’s plain to see how much time and effort she put in her body and well, results speak for themselves!

Rocky Barnes

California-born, Rocky Barnes now officially works for one of the biggest LA agencies. Her breakthrough was after he appeared in one of the official music videos for Justin Bieber. Rocky’s content is all about photos in quite exotic places, LA beaches, occasional pictures with her boyfriend and friends. 

Michelle Lou Lan

Michelle is definitely guilty of the popularization of yoga among young ladies on the internet. Now she has her own brand called @meshyoga and stays relevant no matter what thanks to good genes and consistency of her aesthetically pleasing content. Not only Michelle is one of the hottest Instagram models, she surely knows how to make yoga hot!