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Do I Really Need To Know How To Buy Instagram Likes?

I continue to reveal the best ways to get real Instagram likes for free!

How to get real Instagram likes naturally?

To achieve great outreach you need to get into recommendations on Instagram. When you succeed, you can get organic traffic waves to the acc on Insta. But how to raise the chances?

  1. Tune into the interests of TA. Every account owner must know, what publications bring the best of popularity. It’s easy to do when you take a detailed look at the statistics on Insta Insights. Relying on the analysis post ‘likeable” pics or news. Your fans will certainly start engagement: liking and commenting on it, and that will improve the ER of the acc. By doing that you get a higher ER and the chance to be recommended by IG itself to other users.

  2. Gently ask your fans to put likes. And fulfill all the promises or comply with the requests of your loving audience. T.e, if you are a model, promise to show the backstage of your most challenging photoshoot, if the latest publication will get 10 000 likes.

  3. Always use situational marketing, follow trends, turn to current memes and take part in popular challenges.

  4. Networking is a really cool thing. People use social media to find help from friends of their friends when they need to solve everyday life problems like selling something or finding a new apartment. Use it to expand your media outreach. Tell everyone in all your social media about your IG acc and ask your acquaintances and friends to share!

  5. Always use hashtags and geotags. The usage of tags significantly increases outreach.

  6. Everybody knows, that the pictures with sincere faces always get more likes. So if it’s appropriate for your company or firm, post the pictures of satisfied people.

  7. Announce the future publications on Instagram Stories and make polls to raise the ER.

  8. Find bloggers that your TA respects and ask those influencers to like or put comments on your pics. Or just simply tag them in the pictures.

  9. Repeat the most ‘likeable’ publications with the basic info about you or your company. You can refresh the information and repeat the post to gain more likes.

How to find your target audience on Instagram?

Have you ever heard about SFS? It’s one of the free ways of promotion of any acc. But you know, that open SFS gets a lot of negative feedback, but smart, hidden and slightly implied SFS has never made any harm for IG acc promotion.

The basic example of any SFS:

  1. You put a hashtag #sfs under your post or search pics with the tag.

  2. You need to agree with a person for SFS. It’s always better to find a person with your TA of followers or potential clients.

  3. On the exact day and time, you and your SFS-friend make a mutual post with positive feedback and your advice to follow the acc.

It’s very simple and highly effective if you make SFSs with the accs, that have a huge number of followers and their fans are the right TA. And if you are in doubt, ask your SFS partner to send you the statistics from IG Insights and compare the data of your most active fans with the average data of the chosen acc.

The hashtags for your usage: #sfs #s4s #shoutforshout or #shout4shout

Additional recommendations:

  1. Make everything clear with your agreement upon mutual reposts or advertisement. You need to be precise with all details before you start working: time, type of content, a period of publication.

  2. Don’t rush to make SFS with all the requests. You can easily lose your followers if you will recommend shady accs.

  3. Do not SFS with the accs, who have thousands of fans, but they are really different from the life of your IG acc.  

  4. Ask your SFS-partner to out UTM-tag to analyze the traffic from the publication.

SFS – is a free way of promotion, but it works only if the accs have a similar target audience. Before you start collaborating, don’t be shy to ask for full statistics of the IG acc. But if you urgently need a great number of likes or comments, video or IG Stories views, you can always buy Instagram likes for a great screenshot. Yeah, sometimes it can be not so fair, but the end justifies the means. Do you really need to buy Instagram likes and followers? All I can say, that the purchase will only benefit your acc. People will see the approvement of your popularity, you will get the increase of engagement rate and will make the chances of organic traffic flows really high.