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Instagram Direct Message: You Used It Wrong!

I bet you had no idea you haven’t used all the possibilities Instagram Direct offers to its users. Hurry up to learn all the tricks!

I know that most of you know what Instagram Direct Message is. But for those newbies who have just joined the ranks of Instagram fans, here is my lecture!

What is Instagram Direct Message?

Direct is an embedded tool for instant messages exchange between Instagram users. It was first introduced to the public eye back in 2013 and since that it has been developing and continuously upgraded.

Today, thanks to Instagram Direct, you can:

  • communicate in real-time (all the messages are visible only participants of the dialogue);

  • send pics and videoclips with the function of their following deletion on the expiry of a certain period;

  • share the posts of other users;

  • view the answers and reactions to your Stories;

  • receive the notifications that you were tagged in other posts;

  • form group chats (15 users maximum.)

It often happens that Direct is used by online stores, which run a business on IG. Thus, the consumer can write directly to the salesmen about the product and receive the answer there immediately.

What are the benefits of DMs?

It is so wrong to use such a fantastic tool as Direct Messages just to share vines with your fellas. There are much more potential opportunities for not only your account but for your business as well. Let’s look through them.

Engagement enhancement. You know that open communication is the key to the heart of any person. Instagram users are not an exception. For instance, by sending a welcoming message to every new follower, you establish this personal contact, which increases the level of involvement of a user. These users will trust you more and consequently become more loyal to you. In the result, you gain more likes, views, and replies.

Sales increase. It’s much easier and more convenient to sell stuff directly via Instagram messenger. It makes the purchase way shorter, which significantly increase the revenue stream of small and medium businesses. Moreover, the ability to send notifications about sales and new arrivals will make your consumers be aware of all the news and novelties of your company.

Reputation maintenance. Big famous and respectful brands never neglect communication with consumers or potential consumers. That’s the possibility to receive direct feedback about the product or service you offer. Moreover, that way, you show your genuine interest in your consumers’ opinion. That makes a positive impression of Instagrammers and your brand reputation stay on a high level. 

Besides, that’s the chance to work out the negativity timely before it came out to be the bigger issue.

How to send DMs?

Traditionally, you can write an Instagram direct message online only with the help of an official mobile application.

To send ordinary Instagram DM online, you need to:

  1. Move to the main page, tap the paper airplane sign at the right top corner.

  2. Choose the receiver of your message and in the dialogue window, write your message. Optionally you can record a voice message, send a picture or a video from your gallery and attach other types of files.

  3. Tap Send.

 To create a group chat, you need to:

  1. Again open the main page and click the paper airplane

  2. At the top right corner find the pop-up will show you the suggested users to create a group chat. Point out a couple of users.

  3. At the top, find the Chat button, press it. That’s all, you created a group chat. 

  4. Now write your first message and press Send.

You are able to send a message to Instagram Direct online from the user’s profile:

  1. Move to the account of any user. If it’s not private, that’s great. If yes, you should send a request.

  2. Right under the profile bio, there are a couple of buttons, one of them is Message. Press it.

  3. The dialogue pop-up will appear, write your message and press Send.

You can use IG Direct via your PC:

  1. By uploading the official IG app for Windows. You have to go to the online store of your browser, find the IG app, log in your account, and freely use it. It is the exact copy of a mobile app so you won’t get lost.

Yes, it is accessible only for those who use Windows. So if you don’t, keep reading. 

  1. By installing the android emulator. That’s the option I don’t like much. 

  2. By using automation tools, which posses the Auto Messaging feature. I like this option more, cause automation tools are multifunctional in comparison to the mentioned above methods. And here I would like to linger on the question more.

Why should you apply automation?

Automation services are created to promote your Instagram acc automatically thanks to the algorithms applied. Such a method of promotion can be called organic in every sense.  So what does it have to do with Instagram Direct? 

The matter is that one of the features of such automation tools is automatic direct messages. That is a great function which allows you to save not only time and money but to speed up the promotion and increase your sales twice and more.

You can automate welcoming and greeting messages to all new followers. All the advantages of such messages I’ve already described above: that’s the craziest increase of your newly acquired audience engagement rate.  You need to write a sample which will be unique and stick to your style of communication. Think about it.

You can write a stunning sales scripts to start sale effectively on your IG acc. The automation service will send these messages to IG Direct online. You can point out the addressee: it can be all followers or created by your custom list. That’s the fastest and most efficient way to offer your goods and services.

What you get of it:

  • leisure time

  • some extra cash

  • impressive results of your promo campaign

The main stumbling block you can face is the process of choosing the right tool. Be careful, find the safest one!


Direct is the most excellent tool for communication which can be used not only for fun as we used to think. If applied in the right way, it can serve your promotion and increase sales. You received all the necessary information, and now it’s time for you to act!