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Paygram or LikesLive. What is the best helper to buy likes on Instagram?

What is the best place to buy Instagram likes? Read LikesLive and Paygram review to get all info!

Obviously, Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks and it is tempting to advertise goods or gain popularity with its help. To achieve success, it is necessary to buy likes and followers on Instagram as many as possible.

The promotion of the Instagram page is a long and time-consuming process. It is necessary to lead an active life on Instagram: write new posts, put likes, comment your followers and find new ones. What to do if you do not have so much time to spend on Instagram or simply do not want to? Where is the way out? A marketplace for buying all rates! It can do the majority of work.

Nowadays exist a great number of different places where you can buy likes or followers and it is troublesome to choose the effective one. We will discuss two of the most effective: Paygram and LikesLive.


Paygram is one of the most demanded services for Instagram account promotion. Paygram has many useful services helping to promote Instagram account:

- Attract alive followers:  The service uses only safe methods to attract new followers. It guarantees that there will be no empty pages just live accounts leading active live on Instagram.

- Acquire fast likes: Every client can be sure that the likes will be got from real and active profiles. A great number of likes rises the activity of the account and output publications at the top.

- Automatic likes: there is no need to buy single likes. Having made a subscription, you will get likes automatically in 2-15 minutes after the publication of the photo.

Pluses of Paygram

It guarantees safety. The service follows the rules on Instagram so that you will not be banned. If some followers disappear on different circumstances the service refills it. It is necessary to write to the technical support and very soon the problem will be solved.

At any time there is individual support for everyone. The professional team answers all the question and give the necessary recommendations. There are no boilerplate answers.

There is a wide range of tariffs so everyone can choose the most appropriate one.

Paygram works with Instagram since 2012, so it knows all the rules and hidden tricks. It has worked with more than 100 000 people. During this time Paygram developed its own technologies with which you will be in full safety.

Paygram gives guarantees to the fulfillment of its services. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the work it will return money or compensate for another free service.

How to use Paygram to buy likes on Instagram?

There are three steps to be made:

1. Decide the tariff.

2. Enter your profile name.

3. Pay for the service.

4. Enjoy!

LikesLive – the most popular market for buying all you need for Instagram!

Why LikesLive is better than Paygram?

- Very fast you receive likes on your photos - from real accounts. The service creates your constant online presence.

- It provides reposts. If you have other social network accounts it can do reposts and thus attract more followers, increase attendance and popularity.

- Increases the number of followers and their amount grows rapidly.

- Write comments. To attract new followers and the achieve success it is necessary to have interesting posts and to get as many reviews and comments as possible. With LikesLive it is simple as never before.

- Increases organic views. The more views you get the more audience you achieve and the more followers can become keen on your account.

- Provide participation in your polls from real people or bots.

Benefits of LikesLive:

There are no difficulties in utilizing the service. It is difficult to find such a speed service. Every day you can get even 25,000 followers and likes. You can buy likes on Instagram as many as you want!

LikesLive is reliable and can add not only real followers and quality likes, but also bot likes and followers at the cheapest price. Plus it guarantees a high quality of service.

Your page will not be deleted or banned as the service has its special technology on how to achieve success and not to break Instagram rules.

If you buy credits you get pleasant bonuses.

How to use LikesLive?

To perform the new order, it is necessary just to choose who will perform services: bot or real people. Then choose your social network as LikesLive deals not only with Instagram but with other popular social networks such as telegram, Vkontakte, youtube, facebook, and others. And the last stage is to decide which services do you want: followers, likes, comments, etc.

After the payment LikesLive began to work, soon you will see the fabulous results and achieve success and popularity.

If you do not want to waste your time use LikesLive. It will do a great job!