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Why Should You Buy Instagram Views?

The ultimate guide to IG promotion: how to use a bot to gain maximum views on Instagram

If you manage your acc competently, you can get more engagement and brand visibility particularly when your content goes eye-catching. You will also get the opportunity to make your name recognizable and to boost sales through the photo-sharing platform, to create your brand image and to get loyal customers interested in your services or products. 

How to get maximum Instagram views?

There are several methods to optimize your IG posts for maximum views: 

Method #1. Use high-resolution pictures. 

Instagram is an extremely visual app so whatever you load, needs to be high-grade. This will get you more impressions!

Method #2. Edit your photos. 

Always make it a habit to edit your images and add some filters to it. 

Method #3. Create up-to-date content.

What is your acc about? Traveling, cosmetics, coffee, cinema? Whatever it is, stick to your topic. Quotes work with every topic so you can switch between that and your niche. 

Method #4. Pick a theme for your newsfeed.

This follows the above point. What is the top of your favorite Instagrammers? Now go to their acc and look at their grid. Most often, these top profiles have a pattern. It could be a color palette, a mixture of quotes on every 3rd post or an interview every week. Whatever you pick, stick to it.

Method #5. Publish your posts when your followers are online.

If you take the perfect time interval, your image or video will be shown up in the news feed of your fans. Planning your IG posts for relevant times helps you grab a new audience.

The associated question is: how to choose the ideal time to publish on Instagram?

The supreme thing you can do to discover your relevant posting time for IG is to explore your audience using a bot.

Likeslive.com will answer the main question: at what time they’re the most effective on the photo-sharing app. Liking is a natural manner to highlight your Instagram acc and get real likes and followers that are genuinely in love with your brand.

Method #6. Mutual likes and follows

We’re better together, right? Mutual likes and follows have a significant influence on the Instagram algorithm. It helps to increase engagement and to create an impulse of activity.

Using IG Bot you can save your time and attract new users who will appreciate your acc and follow. 

Happily or unhappily, likes show whether your content is useful or not. Images with tons of likes seem attractive to visitors and help to gain more followers.

In this connection, likes transmit the quality of your brand. Imagine, individuals, visit your profile, notice that every one of your posts gets a huge number of likes what essentially demonstrate them your content is truly helpful.

Method #7. Hashtags

Hashtags need no special introduction. However, people are under the mistaken impression that they properly use tags.

Add niche tags to your captions and your photos can be seen by your followers and other people who can search for posts with the desired hashtags. Using hashtag generator you can rock your Instagram, draw attention, organize, and advance the promotion. 

Video is the easiest way to promote your acc on Instagram

Instagram is a strong instrument for business promotion, and every entrepreneur can gain from it. If you are a business owner, you have to rock your Instagram to get more views and enhance your return on investment. Use videos to explain your brand and watch how your business is flowering.

The history of video evolution on Instagram


There is an opportunity to upload video on Instagram. The maximum video duration is 15 seconds.    


The service founders met with the advertisers and increased the video length up to 30 seconds.


The service increased the video duration from 30 seconds to 60 seconds, explaining this by the demand from users. According to statistics from the social network, views of video content has increased by 40% in the last six months.

What is IGTV? 

Instagram made an emphasis on updating and developing its video services in 2018. The emergence of IGTV has become a new epoch in the Instagram world. It was a reason to increase the percentage of video content as part of the SMM strategy. We propose to consider other video formats for building marketing communications with potential customers. 

Instagram introduced a new service focused primarily on stars and bloggers in 2018. For them, the length of the video is increased to 60 minutes. The video can last from 15 seconds to 10 minutes for ordinary users. A specific IGTV feature is the ability to record and upload only vertical video format. 

6 top-notch video ideas to help you rock your Instagram

For Advertisement

Make and post the video about your product or service. Show your products from different sides, focusing on benefits. These videos should create a mood and inspire an interest to learn more about the product.

For announcements

Using video to inform about promotions or news, upcoming updates of your service. You can orient on examples of popular brands.

For mini-interview

Tell your followers and potential customers about yourself. Who you are and what you do. What are the mission and goals of your company? 

For behind-the-scenes posts

Make a video office tour. Introduce users to your employees, show their workflow. It is important for the client to understand that he will work not with a faceless company, but with real people.

For entertainment content

Record a video question and arrange a contest for the best video response. Use memes (if your brand allows it). Try to engage the user as much as possible.

For customer reviews

Nothing causes such trust in a potential client as the successful experience of other buyers. Make a video collage with satisfied customer reviews about your webinar.

The ability to tell about your product quickly is a must-have for marketing communications. This is especially true for small businesses or bloggers without large companies budgets to promote their products. Instagram video is perfect for a visual presentation of your products and services. And the abundance of information presentation formats makes it possible to create a unique combination for your marketing strategy.

More views, more confidence

The easiest manner to get more views is by using top-performing tags. One way or another, by purchasing IG views, you will get great publicity for your content. The cause as to why IG videos are essential is because they enhance confidence and influencers in your audience share your concepts. 

The views drive traffic and conversion rates. In addition, people guess your company is reliable due to high views, comments or likes count on every post! 

You also get a higher engagement rate since Instagram videos attract even the lazy audience. The videos are easy-consuming products. Long-reading captions about your products or services, the opposite, are extremely tiring. Consequently, modern users prefer videos as compared to written texts.

Why choose Likeslive?

There is nothing bizarre about purchasing views for marketing purposes. Many SMM-managers, bloggers, and users confess that it is a great time- and energy-saving instrument. 

Likeslive understands what works and what does not and introduces the best solution for your account growth. Likeslive also has a rapid turnaround and an acceptable cost. It helps you to get the number of views on Instagram that you have always dreamt of. 

It doesn't matter you are blogger, social media specialist or entrepreneur, the number of views of your posts is important. Therefore, we need to understand how Instagram works to increase your brand awareness. Let's take a trip together to the Instagram world!

The Instagram algorithm is a simple code whose task is to determine the most popular posts. In other words, you just need to “convince” the algorithm that your content is interesting for Instagram users. For instance, if a person is interested in motorcycles, it will be more likely to show photos of bikes than images of wildlife in Australia. But how can artificial intelligence determine what a person likes and does not? It analyzes the story.

If the user often likes photos with bikes, the Instagram algorithm “takes note” that he tends to like sport motorcycles. When an individual opens the app, the algorithm will show up photos of bikes in the newsfeed. 

Be prosperous, buy Instagram views before your competitors do that!