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Your First 10,000: To Buy Instagram Followers Or To Gain Them For Free?

Buying followers is a rational decision!

Social media play a vast role in people’s everyday life. We use them in order to communicate with our special ones, create new connections and just to waste free time. Some of us are even facing the problem of so-called “social network addiction”: individuals are getting obsessed with likes and the number of their followers on the Internet, forgetting essential real-life concerns.

That what makes social networks so delightful for promotion purposes. Since socials have become such a powerful tool for affection people’s thoughts and preferences, business starts to use them as a mean of marketing. And it is obvious that in this case, the number of followers is potentially convertible to money. Some business buys Instagram followers since it is such an effortless solution. But is there a way to gain them for free and does it worth the effort?

In this article, we will review several common ways of gaining an audience on Instagram -- both paid and free. Also, we will describe all the advantages and disadvantages.

Audience exchange

If you certainly don’t want to buy followers -- this option might be the best one. The basic idea is pretty simple: you need to find another user who will agree to make an advertising interchange with you. This way you will get some of his/her auditory, and he/she -- some of yours. The form of this exchange can differ, in some cases it is extremely creative: giveaways, flashmobs, etc. There is only 1 advantage of this method: you can do it without any financial effort. But it will take too much time to get at least 100 new followers. So, if we are talking about your personal account, you can give it a try, but we are playing for high stakes, right?

Mass following

Mass following is a pretty old trick to gain followers. It is as easy as pie: you launch a special application, which will follow other users based on certain criteria: location, hashtags, following lists etc. The main point is that some of those users might notice your account and follow you back. But this method is quite ineffective too: since mass following is complete spam, not too much of the users you mass followed would get interested. Moreover, you will get a passive, unengaged audience, and your account will look worse: the giant “following” list with random people in it will definitely not give you much trust from other users.

Buying followers

This way is definitely the most effective, effortless and quick. You don’t have to grind for months -- it will take only a few days. All you have to do is to choose the right service, the number of followers you want to get, give your Instagram name or the link to your account,  pay and wait. Your work is done on this point -- everything else will be made by the service itself. After about 2 days of waiting you will get the bulk of new followers at the moment -- better turn off your phone not to die from notifications.

How much does it cost to buy Instagram followers?

The price is determined by a range of factors: the number of followers, service quality, the amount of time it would take, etc.. First of all, you have to decide whether it will be real people or bots. Obviously, bots are much cheaper: the precious 10,000 followers cost $135: you will gain several thousand in a day. If you are not in a rush, you can get up to thousand in a day for $99.

How to buy real Instagram followers?

Bots are fast and cheap, but you should mind their drawbacks: almost zero engagement, the risk of getting banned and unsubs during and after promotion. Moreover, if you have thousands of fake followers, it will make your account suspicious-looking. Buying fake Instagram followers is an acceptable solution for a start, but if you’ve already gained some audience, only real followers will satisfy your needs. Luckily, there are plenty of trustworthy companies who are able to sell you real people interested in your content. Of course, the cost will be significantly higher:

Where to buy real Instagram followers?

There are lots of services selling followers to suit every pocket. Some of them are only interested in getting a buck out of you -- obviously, the followers they sell aren’t perfect. But you need a reliable service who will provide you with the real interested audience without any risk of losing it soon. Likeslive is one of them: the quality of our work can be proven by dozens of positive reviews from our clients. We work with a qualitative audience, moreover, our service is absolutely safe: there are some Instagram’s filters to detect fake engagement by actions frequency -- and we mind them in our work. You will grow fast, but not too fast to be detected.

Is it ethical to buy followers?

Purchasing followers is not illegal, but is it fair? When it comes to the ethical side of this action, your purpose really matters. Of course, it is not too genuine, but since Instagram has become such a challenging platform, there is almost no 100% fair way to start. Unfortunately, numbers still matter: lots of people still prefer quantity over quality. Without any additional help, you can spend months on creating exceptional content before getting noticed.

Just don’t forget that, at the end of the day, you need to gain the real audience. So, buying followers to get a little boost at the start is totally fine, but don’t rely on that in the future. Nevertheless, it would be not only unethical but also useless -- an empty number of unengaged followers on your account will never draw anybody’s attention.

Final Thoughts

Buy or not to buy -- you are the one to decide. Of course, there are several drawbacks you should bear in mind: it is not a 100% fair step, some of the bought followers will eventually drop off, your account might look spammy at the beginning, the ethical part of this act might be questioned.  

But, unfortunately, it looks like there is almost no decent alternative: all the ways of free promotion demand preparation, hard work and, what is the most significant, time. If you don’t have it, buying followers is a rational decision.

If you’ve decided to do it, do it naturally: choose good qualitative service to get real and engaged followers. Don’t trust cheap junk vendors -- it is useless to buy 10,000 inactive followers for $100 and get banned on the next day. Be reasonable and take it is a little boost -- in this case, the end justifies the means.