Terms and Conditions

1.1 The main goal of our team is to minimise any possible risks and make the use of our service safe. However, the user is fully responsible for their accounts, their business and their outcomes.

1.2 Alongside with ensuring the general security, we apply a set of measures to provide confidentiality of the user’s personal data. Please note, that in the event of an unforeseen leak of information, our service is not responsible for any consequences. The market is flexible and we always respond adequately to the price changes of our services.

2.1 Prices stated in the price list are not static and can be changed both ways: either get lower or get higher.

2.2 We are passionate about customers and commitments, but the provided ETA, as well as the criteria may vary and are subject to change depending on the user’s case. Any social network promotion has a write-off ratio.

3.1 Based on this, we can start an additional promotion session, but not more than once and only for the customers who purchased the service with the warranty included.

3.2 For accounts with more than 100,000 subscribers the warranty does not apply because it is impossible to track the subscribers’ accounts being not counted.

3.3 We do not give 100% guarantee that every account used for promotion has an avatar, description, regular publications and is active.

3.4 We guarantee that the service you select will be provided to you in full, as described.

Promotion process

4.1 During the promotion process your account must be open to public and the login / nickname / address on the page must not be changed. Otherwise, we will not be able to provide our services in full.

4.2 It is prohibited to start several similar jobs / algorithms at the same time or to use different sites / services for the promotion. In some cases, due to technical features of the promotion process, this may entail the provision of services not in full volume. In this case, the refund to the user’s personal account on the site is not provided.

Technical features

5.1 From time to time, the site may suspend the provision of services. This happens due to security and service improvement measures.

Customer support

6.1 In the event of some technical problems or questions regarding the operation of the service, you can send your query using the “contacts” section on the website and receive a response within 24 hours.

Important notice

7.1 Starting and executing an order is an irreversible process for any kind of promotion.

7.2 Order cancellation is impossible under any circumstances unless there was an error. In case of an error, the order will be automatically canceled within 72 hours.

7.3 We have the right to refuse to provide you with our services in case you are placing any prohibited content on the social network profile (propagandising extremism, pedophilia, terrorism, and other content prohibited by law in the Russian Federation).


8.1 Return (withdrawal of money from the site) is NOT available to users after recharging the balance (!). After replenishing your balance within the service, the balance can only be used to order services on the service. Replenishing your balance in the service you agree to the terms of returns.

Blocking of users

9.1 An attempt to hack a site, to cheat money, to deceive or communicate with the service administration in an offensive way is considered to be violation of the rules and entails permanent blocking of the user’s account without the possibility of a refund.